Emily Labowe | Vogue.com

Does a better compliment exist than “You look like Jane Birkin?” Equally flattering: “You’re a dead-ringer for Kate Moss!” Neither of those ladies have an Instagram account, but their doppelgängers do. Emily Labowe, a 25-year-old model and underwear designer based in Los Angeles, says her uncanny resemblance to ’70s-era Birkin has actually helped her build her career (not to mention an Instagram following of nearly 80,000 people). “More often than not, Jane is on the mood board and is the inspiration for many [of the] shoots I do,” she tells Vogue. “I work with a lot of French or French-inspired brands, most likely because of my fringe and [my resemblance] to Jane—Rouje, Sezane, Barry, The Kooples, Etam, and magazines like Jalouse and Lui.”

With the same blunt bangs, high cheekbones, and full lips you see in vintage photos of Birkin tagged with #mondaymuse or #inspo, it’s easy to confuse Labowe for the “original” and vise versa. But here’s our burning question: Does it ever get old feeling a little, well, type-cast as Birkin’s lookalike? “It’s such a great compliment—I would never tire of hearing it!” Labowe insists. “I love her so much as a style and creative icon. I need to learn French to more accurately fit the model!” An added bonus (particularly at early-morning shoots) is that Birkin has always been a low-key beauty: “She has such a natural, effortless look beauty-wise, so hair and makeup tends to be simple and easy.”


Aside from her bangs, Labowe’s style and beauty choices are refreshingly un-Birkin-y. She’s not posting selfies in bell-bottoms or carrying basket bags; instead, her look is a bit more tomboyish and ’90s-inflected, consisting of graphic tees, vintage jeans, and slouchy tailoring. “I appreciate well-made basics, like from the Japanese brand, Blue Blue,” she adds. “In the cold weather, my daily uniform has been a pair of jeans or canvas sailor pants, a cozy fitted sweatshirt, and my oversized plaid coat. Oh, and some really cozy socks, preferably in mustard.”


Model: Emily Labowe