Lauren Wasser | Damaged Goods Magazine

“Like Tears In The Rain”

Lauren Wasser by Ben Duggan for Damaged Goods Magazine.


Damaged / Goods :What led you to originally pursue a career in modeling ?

Lauren Wasser:I actually grew up in the industry because my parents were both models. Not sure I really had a say at 4 months old but I’m so glad it went down that way. I learned a lot. However later in life I took a break from it all and it wasn’t until after losing my leg from toxic shock that I came back to it. This time is was my choice and I did it for many reasons. I wanted to stand for awareness but also I wanted to give other women someone they could identify with in fashion magazines. Best part is through entering back into the industry I gained more than just women… it was people in general and that felt really good.


Damaged: Who would you say is your ultimate fashion inspiration ?  

Lauren: It’s actually one of my best friends named Koto. No matter what is going on in the world he’s always so on point with his style. He can mix match anything and make it look fresh. I draw a lot of inspiration from him on the daily.


Damaged: Favorite fashion brands ?

Lauren: I love Rick Owens I think he is a genius. I also love Alexander Wang, Maison Margiela, Stella McCartney & Saint Laurent and last but not least The Kooples. I hope to one day be the face representing any of those amazing brands.


Damaged: In terms of music, who are your top artists of the moment ?  

Lauren: I’m obsessed with this young kid Khalid who is entering into everyone’s playlist quickly. Anderson Paak is also another young genius I’m into. And I always have to give a shout out to a staple in my playlist to Rihanna.


Whats your damage ?

Lauren: That’s loaded question for me. So many different things but of course surviving TSS has flipped my world upside down shaking me into the person I am today. It’s been a long hard road of recovery and everyday that passes I learn my strength more and more


Model: Lauren Wasser

Photographer: Ben Duggan

Stylist: Douglas Van Laningham

Makeup: Mynxii White

Hair: Preston Wada